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What is UrbanHikr?

| March 14, 2015 | 0 Comments


Image: placeit

UrbanHikr is an online magazine for people who live and work in cities but love spending time in the outdoors. No matter whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced hiker, our knowledgeable articles will help you to plan your adventures and have the best experience when on the trail.

We all lead busy lives and it can be hard to find the time to fit in the exercise and relaxation that we need. UrbanHikr will help motivate you to bring more balance into your life and give you the knowledge you need to prepare more efficiently.

Don’t forget that you can also make the most of your time by reading UrbanHikr on your mobile device whenever you have a few minutes — on the train, while waiting for an appointment, or in a shopping line. You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by following this step-by-step article.

We love the outdoors, and we want to help you to get more quality time on the trail!

How to subscribe to RSS feeds from UrbanHikr

| March 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

Image: shutterstock

Image: shutterstock

If you have websites that you visit often, you can save a lot of time by using an RSS feed reader to view webfeeds instead of visiting the websites directly. And it’s so easy to do it there’s no reason not to.

I’ve found my all-time favorite feed reader and I like it so much I want to share it with you to help make sure you don’t miss any updates from UrbanHikr!

How a feed reader will save you time

An RSS feed reader will save you time by:

  • Pulling together the articles from all of your favorite websites into one place so you don’t have to visit each one in turn.
  • Making it faster to decide what to read because all articles from all websites are presented in the same format. It’s quick to see which articles you’re interested in reading further and reduces the amount of time you spend going down a rat hole.
  • Reducing the time you wait for websites to load because it eliminates the complex web coding and calls to services that big websites use on their home pages.
  • It bypasses all of the advertising displayed on home pages. Advertising for products that aren’t relevant doesn’t add anything to your life while slowing down page loading and adding distracting clutter.

What is an RSS feed reader?

An RSS feed reader is a computer application, sometimes called a news aggregator, that allows you to subscribe to webfeeds from favorite websites. You can use:

  • An application that you buy and download onto your computer
  • A web application that you sign into online and which runs in your browser
  • A plug-in for your browser

Most websites that regularly publish articles automatically create a webfeed file that is available for feed readers to download. A feed contains a list of the recently published articles, each with:

  • The headline
  • The first few paragraphs of the article (or a custom summary)
  • An image (possibly)
  • A link back to the original article on the website

You can see the webfeed that UrbanHikr creates by clicking the RSS feed button at the top of the window.


The feed is a file that follows a very particular format — but you don’t need to know anything about that to be able to use a feed.

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How to make duct tape zipper bags for your gear

| February 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

20150301-untitled001-2You can pay a lot for plastic zipper storage bags designed and marketed for outdoor use. I’ve bought my fair share of them and they always seem to tear at the zipper after a few uses, just like the common supermarket variety. Out of frustration, several years ago I experimented with making my own and I like them so much that I’ve been using them ever since.

In this article, I’ll share how I reinforce ordinary plastic zipper bags to make cheap water-resistant cases for protecting and organizing smaller items such as your cell phone, point-and-shoot camera, GPS receiver, and credit cards.
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Banff film festival 2014 trailer – it’s amazing!

| February 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

photo from Banff film festival 2014 trailer-1

A Snowball’s Chance in Hell © Manuel Ferrigato

It’s February, and that means the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is well underway, covering 40 countries with an expected audience of 400,000.

If you’ve never seen this amazing show, you’ve been missing out! It’s guaranteed to fuel your passion for outdoor adventure.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an annual event

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is a creation of the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, which supports the development of new art in many disciplines. Each year, the center holds its Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, which includes a competition for the best outdoor documentary films. The most suitable of these, usually the shorter ones, are chosen for its world tour.

Each location that hosts the tour selects the most relevant films for its audience. For the 2014-15 tour there are 28 films to choose from.

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