How to fit in exercise – one way to prepare for hiking

| December 7, 2014

untitled-070_300BWe lead busy lives and it’s not always possible to take the time to drive to a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors. Yet, we still need to fit in regular exercise so that when we do have time to get out there for a whole day or longer, we are physically able to enjoy it. How can we do this?

One option, of course, is the gym. If your company has a gym available for you to use, it can be a great option, although if you’re like me, the idea of showing your sweaty T-shirt to colleagues who you’ll be meeting with in an hour is a little rank. If you have a commercial gym or city-run community center with a gym close to home, these can be a convenient option for fitting in an session before or after work, although they can be expensive.

How to fit in exercise using urban trails

Another option that we often overlook for squeezing in more exercise is urban trail systems. These are great resources when time is short and can be used for walking, running, biking, or even roller blading (if anyone still does that).


Urban trails also offer the option of multitasking our exercise with some bonding time with others by bringing along Fido (a tired dog is a happy dog), our spouse (hint: marriage booster), friends, or even business colleagues. We’ll probably see a few three-wheeler pushchairs and bike trailers with kids in them too.


Some urban trails even have exercise points along the way where we can throw in some push ups, or chin-ups, or sit-ups.


And if we don’t have an urban trail close to home, we can always make our own urban trail. We can plan a route around our neighborhood, if possible adding in a few hills, and then multitask it by dropping by the grocery store on the way back to save a car journey later! If we combine our exercise with a podcast or some music on our smartphone, we can exercise our brain at the same time. What can be better than that? Okay, so it’s not mountains and rivers, but it’s still pretty great isn’t it. And, there’s usually some wildlife to see along the way!


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Photo credits: Mark Beresford

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